Daphne Kaaijk

Sr. Event & Project Manager

After finishing her Psychosocial Studies at the Holland University in Amsterdam in 2004, Daphne Kaaijk held different functions in the field of youth and family social work at the Children and Youth Social Services Agency of the Dutch government where she developed strong interpersonal, communication and leadership skills. Besides her work in healthcare, she also took a part-time position in Status Plus where she was involved in the organization of both national and international meetings and events.

In 2008 she decided to join the company as a full-time Event Manager and she has been in that position until 2019 where she has been in charge of a wide variety of both scientific and governmental conferences. As an organizational super talent, Daphne has (co-)organized several meetings and events in the Netherlands, including the biannual conferences of the Dutch Society for Obstetrics and Gynecology (NVOG) and the scientific meetings of the Dutch Scientific Society for Sexual Health (NVVS). In 2020, she decided to take a step back from work but she remained and remains available to Status Plus and its clients to work on a project basis.

At this moment, she works to establish and support a Patient Advisory Council for the IUGA. She is a dedicated, very experienced and well-respected member of the Status Plus team known for her tireless commitment to her clients and her brilliant eye for detail. Daphne lives with her husband in the greater Amsterdam area and is the proud mother of a son and daughter. Besides enjoying her family life, she loves traveling and sports including swimming, aqua bootcamp, supboarding, surfing, fitness, running and tennis.

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