Association Management

Financial Management

An association needs a professional, experienced party to make sure that the financial position of the association is secured, to improve financial results, to deliver required financial reports, etc. Usually, either the association itself or the AMC takes care of this responsibility. However, sometimes a situation occurs that requires a third party to take over this task.

The professional and highly skilled team of Status Plus can be assigned for (a part of) the following activities:
• Establish and maintain a checking account and other financial records for the association for each fiscal year
• Maintain records of receipts and disbursements
• Process payments and payables and forward to Treasurer for signature when applicable
• Provide yearly reports of income and expenses, analysis and summaries for easy viewing and understanding
• Complete and file required tax forms
• Prepare and manage budget, and report budget vs actual results

Furthermore, the following financial reports can be prepared and distributed (yearly):

General Operating Reports
• Balance Sheet and Operating Statement (P&L)
• Budget to Actual Report
• Account Reconciliation and Transaction Detail
• Income and Expense Detail
• Member Reconciliation to Dues & Contributions Income
• Annual Membership Detail, Summery and Dues report (paid/non-paid)
• Administrative Update Report

Meeting Related Reports
• Meeting Attendance Summary by Type
• Meeting Income & Payments Income Summary
• Meeting Sales and Transaction Detail
• Aids & Grants Listing Detail
• Exhibitor Listing Detail
• Meeting Accounts Receivable Detail
• Meeting Cancellation Detail
• Meeting Attendance Detail by Member
• Meeting Attendance Listing with Addresses