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Meetings & Events

Fiscal Management

Status Plus possesses comprehensive knowledge in the field of legal and fiscal legislation related to the organization of meetings and events and we welcome the opportunity to give advice in this field. Most of the time, internal expertise is at hand. Should Status Plus be requested to engage an external advisor, we have an extensive network of advisors who can be hired.

We render our services from The Netherlands. For clients who are established as entrepreneurs outside of the Netherlands but within the European Union and are in possession of a valid VAT number, the VAT is reverse-charged to the client with most of our services (may vary per service/country). This means that we will normally issue an invoice without Dutch VAT as the invoice will state ‘VAT reverse-charged’. The client is responsible for following the applicable VAT regulations within their own country and thus for related reporting requirements and payments.

Upcoming Events

  • AGOS Annual Meeting

    We are excited to host a hybrid meeting in Chicago at the Drake Hotel, September 30-Ocober 1. How wo...

    September 29 - October 1
  • 59e Gynaecongres

    Het Gynaecongres was en is het belangrijkste congres voor gynaecologisch Nederland.

    November 16 - November 18