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Work hard, be honest and transparent, use your common sense, and care about your clients.

These core tenets were introduced by the co-founders of Status Plus Conferences (SPC), Robert Kessler and José Ramon Casalod, and to this day are still at the core of all Status Plus’ activities.

Initially Robert and José Ramon focused on travel and conference organization for medical and other associations. However, over the years associations professionalized and the need for association management companies (AMC) increased. In response to this need, SPC’s services and expertise were expanded, and now association management is one of the key activities of the company.

Unfortunately, José Ramon passed away in 1994 and Robert in 2008, but they will always be remembered and respected as the founding fathers of Status Plus.

Prior to 2004, David Casalod, the current CEO, had his own company (Casalod Internet) and worked closely with Status Plus. With both companies strongly depending on one another, Robert and David considered a merge of Status Plus BV and Casalod Internet as a logical evolution of the company. In 2004, Casalod Internet was fully incorporated into Status Plus BV as a new division called Status Plus Solutions, and David became a full partner within the company. Since then, David has become the driving force of the company. Throughout the years, he has developed the company into the robust and flourishing company Status Plus is today.

Currently, the Status Plus team consists of 31 highly educated professionals. Besides having added experienced association and event managers to the team, Status Plus also has dedicated (web) designers/desktop-publishers and PHP developers (programmers) on staff. Status Plus also works with an established group of temporary workers who complement and complete our team at on-site events.

Throughout the years, Status Plus has worked hard to meet the client’s high expectations. This has resulted in extensive collaboration and rewarding long-term working relationships that are valued very much.

In 2012 Status Plus celebrated its 20th Anniversary, ”Twenty Years of Meeting Excellence” in the beautiful Royal Industrieele Groote Club in Amsterdam
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In 2017, Status Plus celebrated its 25 year-Anniversary in one of the most beautiful and historical buildings from San Antonio, AZ.
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