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Marketing & Promotion

Status Plus in-house Graphic Design and Web Development Specialists are responsible for all DTP/Design, Print/Production and Marketing & Promotion activities for our clients.

With this, we can guarantee maximum flexibility since you will have your own assigned contact person who is dedicated to all marketing and promotional activities for your meeting.

The following list includes some main activities that will be our responsibility if you decide to outsource them to us:

  • Desktop publishing/Design of meeting general layout/look & feel/logo
  • Standardized layout for announcements, flyers, banners, etc.
  • Onsite materials: badge design, signage, podium branding, banners etc.
  • Coordination and set up of promotional activities in collaboration with the client
  • Coordination of external communications
  • Meeting app for Android/iPhone (HTML5 version of app for desktop users)
  • Set up/design and maintenance of Meeting Website

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