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Organizing meetings is an inseparable part of running professional associations. From China to Brazil, from South Africa to the USA and from the Netherlands to Japan; throughout the years Status Plus has gained broad experience in full meeting management for meetings worldwide, varying from small educational courses to extensive world meetings with over 3.000 attendees.

The highly skilled team of meeting professionals takes care of a flawless organization of your meeting, with an impeccable attention to detail.

Full meeting management is the core of our business. However, if you are searching for a partner to take care of a part of the activities that come along with organizing a meeting, then have a look at the right side menu bar to learn what Status Plus can do for you.

Meetings vary in format, structure, location, duration, etc. Combined with rapid technological developments, professional meetings require specialists to organize your meeting. If you are convinced that Status Plus is the designated party to assist you in the organization of your meeting or event, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss your needs and demands in detail without any obligation.

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