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David Casalod

David Casalod


During and after his International Business Study (1995-1999) at InHolland University, David Casalod worked on a freelance basis for Status Plus BV. In those years, Status Plus had its office in downtown Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where he helped with the organization of numerous national and international association conferences as well as various events for Dutch governmental organizations. In 1999, he started working for where he successfully launched the bookings-platform in Africa and later on he implemented the company’s affiliate program as the Affiliate Manager. After a few exciting years at, his predilection for event management made him return to Status Plus where he became part of the management team in 2004.

Over time though, the focus at Status Plus had gradually shifted from providing event services towards providing full association management services including IT solutions. In 2008, he took his current position as CEO of Status Plus and was appointed Executive Director of ISSM, a US based Medical Non-Profit Association. In the years after, Status Plus further specialized and expanded in association management and opened a US branch in 2013. Nowadays, he serves as the Executive Director for a number of Status Plus’ professional medical association clients including the IUGA.

David is frequently consulted by many non-profit organizations for his expert knowledge and vast experience in association management, including, but not limited to, strategic planning, governance, meeting management, compliance, financial management and fundraising. He lives with his wife and 2 children in Krommenie, the Netherlands. Besides enjoying family life, he also enjoys traveling the world (especially to Alicante, Spain), likes playing acoustic guitar, loves sports and stays fit by working out at the gym and by running 10Ks.

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