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Drew Shifflet

Drew Shifflet

Association Manager

Drew joined Status Plus after a distinguished career at the American Urological Association, where he served in a governance role, working closely with the Board and managing councils/committees and associated programs. He was a staff lead in strengthening relationships with AUA Sections and urology subspecialty societies.

In 2005 when the AUA decided to offer association management services to key partners, Drew assumed the role as Executive Director of the AUA Northeastern Section, and helped establish and lead Urology Management Services where he served as the Executive Director for six additional urology societies.  He also assisted the Urology Care Foundation, implementing new humanitarian initiatives which expanded the Foundation’s mission.

Within Status Plus, Drew is the Association Manager for the Society of Gynecologic Surgeons (SGS), the American Gynecological and the Obstetrical Society (AGOS) and SMSNA Foundation.

Drew lives in the New York Finger Lakes and enjoys learning about the history of the region and exploring parks and trails to waterfalls, or a casual bicycle ride to the nearby lakefront park.  His wife is from Scotland, and they visit there often.

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