Erik Betjes

Administrative Assistant

Directly after graduating from his Marketing and Communication study, Erik started working as an assistant branch manager in the field of telecommunication. However, after two years the opportunity to work in Aruba presented itself. Since working and gaining experience abroad was an offer he couldn’t resist, Erik left the country for a 1-year employment term. After this beautiful adventure, Erik moved back to the Netherlands and continued his career in the position of Account manager for a Print Management Company.

Throughout the years, Erik has been able to develop his administrative skills in various positions on different levels. With his efficient way of working and with his organizational and analytical skills, Erik has added important value to the Status Plus team since his start at the company in 2017.

Erik and his wife became the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy in July 2020 and obviously most of his free time is currently dedicated to this little one. Besides that, Erik likes to spend time on one of his main hobbies; soccer. This, both as an active player as well as by watching it in the comfort of his own home.

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