Erik Betjes

Administrative Assistant

Despite his age of 25, Erik already gained many years of experience in several branches.
Directly after his graduation from his Marketing and Communication study he started working as an assistant branch manager. After 2 years, the opportunity of a 1-year employment term in Aruba presented itself and this was an offer he could not resist. After this beautiful experience, together with his girlfriend Erik settled in the Netherlands and continued his career as an Account manager for a Print Management Company.

Throughout the years, Erik has been able to develop his administrative skills in various positions and at different levels. Working hard, disciplined and efficient were the required aspects for Erik to to be successful at all these levels.

With him joining Status Plus in September 2017, Erik is the youngest crew member in the Netherlands. and with his organizational and analytical skills he adds important value to the current team.

In his free time, Erik loves spending time with his friends and family. Furthermore, one of his main hobbies is soccer, both as an active player as well as watching it in front of the television.

Together with his girlfriend, Erik lives in the beautiful village of Assendelft.

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