Status Plus

Gino Ferruzo

Communications Assistant

Born and raised in an international and multicultural environment, Gino lived, studied, and worked in 6 different countries. With 8+ years in the non-profit sector. He used his background in marketing communications, graphic design, and project management to support and lead multiple field projects in over 47 countries; related to education, literacy, children, community development, relief aid, healthcare, HIV & AIDS, refugees, human trafficking, and more.

In February 2023, Gino joined Status Plus as the Communications Assistant. With his clear vision on the impact of communications, both for organizations as well as for society. He is excited to use his experience and expertise at Status Plus. He believes that “no matter how big or small, every contribution to make the world a better place counts.”

Gino currently lives in Amsterdam, and in his spare time, you will find him traveling, hanging out with friends, doing sports, or playing video games.

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