Martijn Vosbergen

Graphic Design and Web Development Specialist

In 2012 Martijn graduated from the study Hotel and Event management at Tio University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. In 2010, Martijn started his own web design company. Through this combination of work and hobby, Martijn fell in love with graphic design from young age, which enabled him to develop not only his technical skills but his own creative, straightforward and timeless design style as well.

To be able to provide clients with flexible and in-house graphic design and web development services, Status Plus hired Martijn in 2013. From that moment (and to the great satisfaction of the clients) he has been in charge of all branding material. From a logo to a society website, and from flyers to the complete onsite branding of a meeting, Martijn is the specialist and knows what is best for your organization.

Martijn firmly believes that building brands has an incredible value for organizations and throughout the years, this belief has only increased.

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