Vivian Gies

Sr. Meeting & Event Manager

Vivian Gies has over 14 years of working experience at Status Plus BV. Back in 2005, she started her company-career with the final internship for her Study Facility Management at the Saxion University in Deventer.

It soon appeared that Vivian was a hardworking, independent person with an impeccable eye for detail. Within a short period of time she became a well-respected and irreplaceable team member. The logical outcome was that Vivian was offered a job as a meeting assistant after earning her bachelor degree in business administration — an offer she gladly accepted.

During the past 14 years she has been working with Status Plus in a wide variety of activities for meetings all over the world, varying from Cairo to Las Vegas and from Sao Paulo to Beijing. Therefore, it can be truly said that Vivian is one of the most experienced and global minded meeting managers.

Vivian is responsible for all major meetings Status Plus organizes for its international clients. She prides herself in exceeding expectations when it comes to program, education, financial and exhibition management. Vivian’s experience and knowledge, her continuous drive and her dedication towards all clients, are highly valued.

Vivian is the proud mother of two boys and together with her husband she lives in Kortenhoef, the Netherlands.

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