Status Plus

Celebrating 25 Years with Status Plus

Celebrating 25 Years: 1992-2017

Work hard, be honest and transparent, use your common sense and care about your clients.

Back in 1992, these core tenets were introduced by the co-founders of our company, Robert Kessler and José Ramon Casalod, and to this day they are still at the core of all our activities. Activities, that have expanded over the years.

Initially, the focus was on travel and conference organization for medical and other associations. However, over the years associations professionalized and the need for association management companies (AMC) increased. In response to this need, Status Plus’ services and expertise were expanded, and now association management is one of the key activities of the company.

This year, Status Plus has been serving its clients for 25 years already. A milestone we proudly celebrate on Thursday, October 26, 2017 in the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas. It is therefore our pleasure and honor to invite you and your partner to the Status Plus 25th Anniversary Party where we will celebrate our achievements with the people that made it all possible and raise our glasses to a bright future!

The program is as follows:

Date Description
7.00 pm Doors open
7.30 pm Official start of the Status Plus 25th Anniversary Party
11.00 pm Adjournment

The dress code for this reception is smart casual.