Status Plus

Sri Langelaar

Sri Langelaar

Association Coordinator

Sri grew up in a vibrant, multicultural environment in India before moving to the Netherlands to pursue higher education. She earned her master’s in public administration from Leiden University, and since then, she has been dedicated to roles focused on coordination and public well-being.
After her studies, Sri dedicated herself to various coordination related roles, assisting organizations focused on enhancing public welfare. Over the past four years, she has honed her skills further, consistently making a positive impact on the communities she serves. Now, as she joins Status Plus as an Association Coordinator, Sri is eager to continue her mission of contributing to public well-being and is excited to work within a team that shares the same passion.

Currently residing in the picturesque Zaanstad region, Sri finds joy in exploring her surroundings and immersing herself in the local culture. Outside of her professional life, she is an avid reader, a dedicated volunteer, and a passionate explorer of new places and cuisines. Sri cherishes spending quality time with loved ones and is always eager to try new experiences that broaden her horizons.

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